Whatever the reason for seeking a gestational surrogate, the task can be daunting to say the least.  David can assist Intended Parents in this process by completing criminal background checks and additional preliminary screening. Conversely, if you are interested in carrying as a gestational surrogate and would like to learn more about the process please feel free to contact David for more information.  

David Secouler has experience with the process and procedures necessary in obtaining a birth order utilizing the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s “Assisted Conception Birth Registration” procedures and has successful obtained such orders from courts throughout Pennsylvania.   David can draft the necessary petition and supporting documentation in to obtain the pre-birth order required to have the intended parents listed on the birth certificate.  Post birth orders are not available in Pennsylvania - if you are in need of a pre-birth order the process should be initiated no later than the sixth month of pregnancy.  

Surrogate Matching 

Surrogacy Contracts

The importance of having a formal contract governing your surrogacy relationship cannot be understated.  Every aspect of the relationship and the expectations of both parties – the Carrier and the Intend Parents – should be thoroughly detailed so as to protect and preserve the rights of both parties.  In contract drafting, review, and legal counsel David Secouler will address these important topics with you in addition to other significant considerations including:

- Establishing the intent of the parties involved regarding legal parentage 

- Natural cycle transfer vs. traditional hormone replacement therapy

- Selective reduction and termination of pregnancy for genetic disorders

- Financial responsibilities, Surrogate fees, and related expenses

- Ensuring proper medical/psychological screening for all parties

- Ensuring Surrogates are aware of the associated health risks of pregnancy

Birth Orders/Decrees

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 Managing an escrow or trust account for surrogacy requires specialized skill and knowledge that the Law Office of David M. Secouler provides to clients on a daily basis.  With intimate knowledge and experience in drafting and reviewing surrogacy contracts, our office can provide the detailed, hands-on escrow/trust account management necessary to ensure that funds are safeguarded and dispersed in accordance with the parties contract.  By utilizing an escrow or trust account for the funds related to your surrogacy journey, the carrier and intended parents can be assured that disbursements are made on time, receipts/submissions for reimbursement are reviewed and documented, and any other financial requests are addressed in a timely manner.  An escrow/trust account managed by our office also allows for the financial aspect of the surrogacy relationship, which can often be awkward for the parties to deal with, to be removed from the everyday interactions between the carrier and intended parents.  Contact the Law Office of David M. Secouler today to learn more about our escrow/trust account management services.

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